Congratulations for National Trust Officers and Members

I welcome and salute the elected officials of the National Trust and at the same time make the efficient efforts of the election officials of the National Trust that this election was completed successfully, there was a lot of tireless efforts of the officials of the National Trust, which is commendable.
At the same time, I also hope from the new office bearers that all of you together will definitely add some new dimensions in the effort of rehabilitation and empowerment of mental handicapped and will definitely try towards the concept of inclusive India.
Still, it is very important for us to spread awareness and public awareness in this direction, just as polio was eradicated by pulse polio, in the same way we should start pulse disability campaign all over India.
In this Kovid-19 environment, the safety and treatment of people with mental disabilities is an important issue.
That’s why we all together have to take a scheme like Legal Guardianship, and Niramaya to every child with mental disabilities. I would like to give special thanks to all the officials of the National Trust, due to this trust many children are becoming safe.
The issue of rehabilitation or empowerment in any family is to move the handicapped child towards financial independence, so we have to change not only our vision but also the attitude during training, it is a difficult task but not impossible and if we do it with full dedication and hard work. If you join with every family then it is also possible friends
Let us all together build such an India where every mentally challenged person or family can use all their rights and make life successful happily!
Yours faithfully, Ramesh Yadav Managing Director of Manav Sewa Samiti , Sikhari Ghazipur

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