Training programme

To increase the knowledge and skills of NGO staff & others , we are offering free training in Making Pickles,Juice, Jelly,  Harvesting Fruites & water. There are four courses currently available (see below).

Also see how to enrol, course attendance policy and current training calendar.

These courses are available exclusively to employees of programs and organisations funded directly by Community Services. They are free of charge.

Candle Making

Candle making is a popular course at Manav sewa samiti. It is an easy process which can be done by the differently able person alike. The constant demand for candles  in the rural areas and the relative low cost of this process provide an easy opportunity to start small business and earn a decent income.

Tailoring Programme

The tailoring program trains girls or young women to work on professional or mechanical sewing machines. They learn how to cut and sew different clothes. It allows Disable and poor people  to start a small business in their villages or community. A one year training on professional machines which allow them to work in professional factories.