Earth day celebration and awareness program by Manav seva samiti

Under the aegis of Manav Seva Samiti, Shri Mahadev Ji Ramadhar Divyang Teacher Training Center Audhari, Ghazipur organized an awareness program on the occasion of World Earth Day in Vijhara Gram Sabha. Like every year, this year too, on 22nd April across the world, Earth Day is celebrated to awaken environmental consciousness.
During this training center’s D.Ed. (HI.), D.ED. (VI) and the journey of DHLS highlights saving the earth.
On this occasion, the director of the institute, Shri Ramesh ji, while highlighting the awareness program of the earth, said that the biggest challenge before the earth in present times is the increasing population. It is a principle of nature that their explosion exerts negative pressure on the available resources.
Due to which the nature of the earth is affected. Minimizing the threat of climate change
Done in attendance. D.ED Coordinator Ashok Chauhan Said that the environment has suffered maximum damage in this era. The impact of our mismanagement and climate change on the environment is being caused by a global existential crisis. Ravi Shukla, coordinator of made the villagers aware of the environment and said that the hybrid The earth is the basis of our existence, is the center of life, it has reached the state it has reached today, it is the human being responsible for bringing it there. The biggest problem today is the increasing consumption of human beings, but the earth is only for use,
is not an object. Therefore, the first step should be that we become conscious and aware of our actions. In the end, the institute of all the nobles.
Ajit Kumar Gupta expressed vote of thanks on behalf.

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