Manav Seva Samiti organized by Om Public School Sikhari Ghazipur went to celebrate the world Hemophilia Day.
Expressing views in D.Ed Codinatior Ashok Chauhan

Ravi Prakash Shukla – He says this is one of the ‘World Federation of Haemophilia’. Initiative. Beginning of celebrating this day in 1989. resulted from. Haemophilia and other bleeding disorders This day is celebrated every year to spread awareness about genetic disorders.

Ajit Kumar Gupta Principal of Special School- April 17, 2022 is World Hemophilia Day. Engaging your government, integrating inherited bleeding disorders into national policy“. By raising awareness and bringing hemophilia and other inherited bleeding disorders to the attention of policymakers, we can increase sustainable and equitable access to care and treatment.
Jagat Bahadur Patel expressed his gratitude

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